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The RCU2plus is part of the produktgroup of "Combi's". The RCU2plus has a combined functionality of Concentrator and IO-module. The RCU2plus is delivered as PCB and is provided with 2 RS485 interfaces, 1 for connecting maximum 4 proximity readers, and 16 optical separated in- and outputs. With the second RS485 interface the RCU2plus communicates with the central management system provided with our TiSM PC software. As "Combi", because of its own database with access-rights, the RCU2plus is able to grant access to users at a reader that is connected to the RCU2plus. The TiSM PC software is responsible for the complete configuration, monitoring and management of the system. For more information please contact 1 of our consultants.
Productnumber RCU-2P-N-001


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