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TRIPLE EYE BV is part of the Whizzlock group. As a group we have developed the recent years various solutions for detention complexes. In all these projects the focus was on the celdoor and the additional problems like cooperation between the involved parties.
Every nescessary discipline is present within the group to create a properly working solution. The main advantage for the customer is that there is only 1 party responsible for the complete solution.

579636.jpg 579637.jpg

Police Rotterdam-Rijnmond - complex "Veranda"

579638.jpg 579639.jpg

Police Amsterdam-Amstelland - complex "Meer en Vaart"

581323.jpg 581328.jpg

Police Amsterdam-Amstelland - complex "Flierbosdreef"

In the brochure below you will find additional information concerning the prisoncomplex "Elandsgracht".

Whizzlock brochure 5-09-2009.pdf


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