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The SICOM4plus is part of the product group of "IO-Modules". The SICOM4plus is delivered as PCB en is provided with 2 RS485 interfaces and 16 optic separated in- and outputs. 1 of the RS485 interfaces is used for connecting maximum 4 readers The second RS485 interfaces is used for communication with the connected "Concentrator". This can be a RCU, MASplus or RCUplus. The SICOM4plus as an IO-module is the connection with the environment through the optic isolated in- and outputs. F.e. the outputs can be used for switching the electric locks and the inputs for monitoring the door position. The SICOM4plus is powered with an external power supply like the PSU100. Our TiSM PC software is responsible for system configuration, monitoring and management. For more information please contact 1 of our consultants.
Productnumber SIC-4P-XXX-XXX


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